Highlights from the key features of a good ICO


A good team will make the difference – investors are often as interested in the people as much as the idea. Is the mix right, do they have the credentials and experience?


Marketing is vital for an ICO to be successful. The campaign should promote a variety of messages in a wide range of media. Investors will not be attracted to highly technical jargon. On the other hand, the community of dedicated followers will want to see authenticity and technological know-how.


Is there one? Is it engaging and understandable? Are you attracted to the product after reading about it? For the ICO to be successful, people like you will need to buy into the concept and have faith in the ability to deliver – a good whitepaper will provide this.


Is the planned product or solution one which the world needs? Does the product or service benefit from blockchain technology and does it suit the blockchain it has chosen? Is the timescale realistic?

Proof of Concept

A number of ICOs do not have Proof of Concept at the point the ICO is launched and this is not necessarily a red flag. However having samples of code, or demos is important. Does the product have its code published on GitHub or similar?

Token Distribution

A sound ICO will link its Token distribution to its Roadmap – raising capital to match the major phases of the development of the product. Too much, too soon could be suspicious. On the other hand, the balance of capital to be spent on development versus marketing versus internal operations should be assessed as reasonable.