Key concepts

Personal data A personal statement is an enlightenment that can be linked directly or indirectly to a physical living person. Examples of personal data are name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Under certain circumstances, information about the IP number and your user activity when using the Service may constitute personal data.

Processing of personal data includes all handling of personal data, such as collection, registration and storage.

Sensitive personal data are data that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, and personal data relating to health or sex life. Health information may, for example, be being sick leave, pregnancy and doctor visits.

Information we collect

We collect personal information linked to the creation of an account and your subsequent use of the account and the Service. In order to give you a clear picture of how personal data processing goes, we have divided the personal data into two categories based on how they are collected:

Information you provide to us When you log in to the Service, create an account, use your account and perform activities within the Service; Do you leave information about yourself? This information includes name, age, gender, geographical location, email address, photos, phone number, occupation and communication with other accounts in the Service. Certain information you provide to us constitutes so-called sensitive personal data. By providing this type of information and by accepting this privacy policy, you agree that processing of such information is performed by us and by our personal information assistants outside the EU / EEA.
When you create an account through Facebook, we will collect and process data from your Facebook profile. The following information will be retrieved from Facebook and stored in your User Profile in the Service: Facebook ID, Name, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Facebook Image.

Information collected when using the Service When using the Service with your account, we save information about the use. This information includes how to use the app and the Service. The information can be divided into the following categories:

Technical information about your device and internet connection Through server logs and other tools, we record information about the device and the connection to the Service and your use of the Service on different devices. This information may include operating systems, browser version, IP addresses, cookies, and unique identifiers.

Information about the use of your account and the Service User-Based We register the login and logout of your account, as well as purchase of products and services through your account. In addition, information about visits and behavior is stored when using the Service. This information may include how you scroll and navigate in the app.

Location Information If you have accepted location services in your phone / tablet, we will continuously collect more detailed information about your geographical location. Your GPS position will be used to provide you with information about users in your vicinity. When your position is displayed to other users, it is based on the geographical location you specified when you registered your account. If you choose not to share your GPS position, we will only calculate an approximate geographical location based on your IP address.
The information is used to provide you with location-specific information and marketing. The information may also be used in the development of new products and services and to provide you with custom content, such as articles and ads relevant to you.
If you no longer want us to collect detailed information about your geographical location, you can turn off location services at your phone / tablet at any time. In such cases, we will only calculate an approximate geographical location based on your IP address. If you choose not to share your GPS position with us, you will not be able to use all of the functionality in our Service.

Cookies and other content stored locally on your device When using the app where the Service is available, we use, directly or through third parties, different techniques to recognize you and learn more about you as a user. For example, cookies are used to prevent you from logging in every time you visit our Service.

Why we process and share your information

Providing the Service to You and Improving Your User Experience We use personal information to provide you with more user-friendly services so that you can find and communicate with other users. Personal data is also treated to allow us to customize the display of our Service to the device you use and thus provide you with a better user experience

Personalized offers recommendations, and ads We want to provide you with recommendations, custom services, and relevant ads based on your interests and behaviors while using the Service. There may be recommendations for products and services based on what you have read or purchased or what other users with similar behavior patterns have shown interest in. The information also enables us to deliver digital ad campaigns tailored to each individual user so that you can get relevant ads based on your behavior patterns, age, and other information we have about you. We will not use any of the sensitive personal information you have given us for marketing and advertising purposes.

Analyzing Market Trends and Developing the Service We use personal data to perform user segmentation, analyze and understand market trends, thereby improving and developing our web pages, apps, offers, and services.

Preventing, Limiting and Detecting Addiction We use personal data regarding users' activities and technical data to prevent, limit and investigate various forms of abuse of the Service. By misuse, we include setting up fake profiles, "spamming", harassment, attempting to sign in to someone else's account, action in violation of the Terms of Service or other terms of service, as well as other acts prohibited by law.
If we detect abuse of the Service, and to prevent further abuse, we may provide information about your device or IP address using an identification service to prevent further abuse from using that device.

Transfer of personal data

Personal data may be transferred to third parties in case the business or part of the business and personal data processed in connection with such portion are sold, moved or transferred. We may also disclose your information if we are required to do so as a result of legal obligation, court order, government regulation or if such disclosure is necessary to assist a criminal investigation or other legal investigation here or abroad. If there is any suspicion that you have committed a crime in connection with the use of your account or of the Service, information may, upon request, be disclosed to the authorities.
We will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose personal information beyond the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Transfer of personal data to non-EU / EEA countries We may transfer your personal data, including your sensitive personal data to third countries, i.e. country outside the EU / EEA. If we do, we will enter into agreements and take other measures in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Storage and deletion of personal data

We store your personal information as long as your account is active or as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes of the processing as described in this Privacy Policy. Your personal data will be deleted or anonymized when they are no longer relevant for the purposes they have collected

Correction, blocking and deletion

You are entitled to request a so-called registry extracts with information about what personal data we treat about you. You are entitled to this information free of charge in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
You also have the right to request that we either correct, block or delete personal information in accordance with the applicable law.

Exit your account

You can terminate your account by deleting it in the app where the Service is provided. After your account has been deleted, we generally delete and anonymize your personal information from our systems. There is, however, an exception; If we have reason to suspect fraud or abuse of the Service, we will save the information so that we can investigate and prevent repeated violations or crimes.


We have procedures and steps to ensure that no unauthorized access to your personal data is available and to ensure that all processing of data is in accordance with applicable legislation. The measures include risk assessments, organizational and physical measures as well as procedures for managing personal data and monitoring issues regarding accessibility, correction, blocking and deletion of personal data.

Use of cookies and other technologies

We use cookies, pixel tags, local storage and other techniques to understand you as a user and to analyze data about users.

Privacy Disclaimer

The service is provided by Awax LTD and it is also Awax LTD who is responsible for personal data.
Awax LTD processes personal data in connection with your use of the Service as a personally responsible personally responsible for your personal data and is required to ensure that processing is in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws and regulations.

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